Item Entrance prise Event Date (d-m-y) Rating Staff Point of improvements
Slagharen €27,00 Goldrush by Night 24-3-2018 9.2 Frendley Singelrider line by Goldrush
Slagharen €27,00 Miracle of lights 16-12-2017 8.1 Frendley Only two shows each day
Aqua mexicana €8,00 N.V.T. 16-12-2017 5.0 Most lifeguards give not the impression of a real life guard Small and expensive
Slagharen €27,00 Miracle of lights 30-12-2017 7.0 Frendley Rides close at 15:15 : Bad weather
Aqua Mexicana €8,00 N.V.T. 30-12-2017 7.0 Frendley Not mutch more to do than slides
Efteling €36,00 Winter Efteling 10-01-2018 N.V.T. To short to judge To short to judge
Nieuwjaarsconcert efteling €19,50 N.V.T. 10-01-2018 9.1 Frendley Little efteling music