Pool toys/floats

! Attention! with red text you can not enter a public swimming pool (in the Netherlands)!




157 x 132 x 45 cm

1 stem

Handy thing for use with multiple children or a parent with a child.

Sea lion



Still to be measured

2 stemmen

Wonderful to use but difficult.

Inflatable unicorn



172 x 172 x 132 cm (L x B x H)

1 stem

Nice thing but small handles and you can not use it in a public pool in the Netherlands.

Inflatable unicorn

No brand on the box


160x100x75 cm

1 stem

Nice thing, is allowed in swimming pools, the handles are big enough but the sizes on the box are not correct.

Inflatable Giraffe



Still to be measured

1 stem

A nice addition for the pool, suitable for a person but no handles.

List I want to review (Amazon)







Here comes a new one.






Planned to test (waiting till summer)

Item Brand price
Unicorn Bestway €25,-
Giraffe Bestway €4,50
Butterfly INTEX €10,-
Unicorn (275 cm) ? €45
Dolphin Bestway €6,-
Swan BIG INTEX €25,-
Swan Small INTEX €13,-
Unicorn Hello summer €30,-