De efteling

19 mei 1935 Playground / 31 mei 1952 tot heden.

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The Efteling has a rich history, including the change from a walking park to a day attraction, and this all by three people and an exhibition "The shoe".

The exhibition "The shoe" in 1949 was an impetus for expansion and when the park was called the Efteling in 1952 it was still there and the entrance to the exhibition is known as an entrance to the sports park and nature park.

From 1950 on the foundation Natuurpark de Efteling was put on sand by the mayor of Loon, Reinier van der Heiden together with Peter Reijnders and Anthon Pieck.

The foundation had the aim to let the residents of Loon op Zand work and relax more.

After two years there are ten fairy tales in the park and that gives rise to the Efteling that we now know.


Update 3-7-2017

The summer evenings are getting less and less and that is a real shame, so when the Efteling reads this, it is not.

For the real Efteling fans money that the entertainment on the ton van der ven square is changing to ravelijn theme so no fairies anymore.

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