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Walibi Holland is a thrill ride park in the Netherlands. The park is known as roller coasters park and the former fireworks shows. The topper of the park is the Goliath, which is 46.5 meters high and goes 106 km / h. The park was created in 1971, it was a farm park to introduce people to farming life. This went bankrupt in 1993. The next life was Walibi Flevo from 1993 to 1998. This group was taken over by Premier Parks in 1998 and the park changed to Six Flags Holland in 2000, their slogan was "The coaster capital of europe". From season 2005 up to and including season 2010, the park was known under the name Walibi World. Since 2011 the park is called Walibi Holland. Most attractions, including many roller coasters and other 'thrill rides', originate from the Walibi Flevo and Six Flags time. The name Walibi comes from three Belgian municipalities namely Wavre, Limal and Bierges.