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Sinterklaas is weer in het land dus we vieren feest.

Sinterklaas is back so time for a Party in the Netherlands

Sinterklaas is a tradition from the Netherlands, every year around the 3th week of November he comes to the Netherlands and does gifts and/or candy in the shoes of dutch children, the people around him are his helpers he is an old man (saint Nicolas) and they go though the chimney to fill the shoes of the children if they have song a sinterklaas song for him. His helpers are covert in dirt from the chimney. Every year on the 5th of December he comes to the children in the evening by the frond door, his helpers knock on the door en when the children open the door there is an bag of presents from Sinterklaas. He rides on his horse Americo over the rooftops to get to the next good child.

It is an symbol of generosity and kindness but because of the black dirt on the skin of his helpers people say it is discriminating, i do not know why.